Leila Harris

Invited Guest Speaker, Model United Nations Week of Action (Human Rights) June 2021. An Equity and Justice Perspective on Water Security and Governance (online)

Invited Keynote Speaker, Water Week, Wageningen University, The Netherlands (virtual) May 2021. Intersectional and equity approaches to water governance 

Murphy Lecture*[1]  Invited for named lecture, University of New Mexico April 2021. Dept of Geography & Environ Studies Infrastructures of Inequality: Democracy and Justice at the margins(virtual) April 2021

Plenary Lecture* School of Environment and Sustainability (SENS) Univ of Saskatchewan April 2021. SENS Symposium Water Insecurity: New approaches and Lived Realities (virtual)                               

Invited Keynote Speaker*, Connecting the Dots—Climate Change and Water, Copenhagen, Denmark March 2021. Human Right to water: infrastructures, democracy and engagement through an equity and justice lens  Virtual due to COVID-19  

Invited Keynote Speaker*, NOIR Regional Infrastructure Launch Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA (virtual) Sept 2020. Infrastructures of Inequality (originally scheduled for May 2020)

Invited Plenary Speaker, Panelist*  BC Union of Nurses Focus on Climate Change December 2019. Human Right to Water and Equity   Vancouver, BC. Plenary session and Plenary Panel  

Invited Plenary Speaker, Keynote and Panelist*  Oklahoma Univ International Water Conference  Sept 2019. Human Right to Water and Equity  Norman, OK (only social science plenary speaker among six chosen)Invited Plenary Speaker, Keynote* Water Insecurity Across the Gender Continuum June 2019. State of Knowledge on gender-water linkages: key insights and emergent directions Hull, UK (delivered virtually)